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Application for Reiji Namikawa Empty Application for Reiji Namikawa

Post by ReijiNamikawa on Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:50 pm


Name: 奈南川 零司 (Namikawa Reiji)

Alias: none

Age: 15

Birthday: August 3rd

Sex: male

Gender: male

Sexuality: sex-repulsed asexual; considers himself aromantic

Personality: As a general rule, Reiji is not necessarily interested in the world around him.  That being said, he's very well disciplined when it comes to managing his own biases, and always takes the time to become familiar with his surroundings (including the people around him, if deemed necessary) and the implications they carry. He views each situation – each interaction – as part of a process to attain the goals he has set for himself. Being very perceptive, he's often able to reach the heart of the matter quickly and utilize it. He genuinely believes that all he needs to succeed is in his own head.

Reiji is used to being liked, but does not make the assumption obvious. He is well equipped with social and strategic skills, being well-spoken and having the ability to communicate very precisely and carefully when necessary.  While, in truth, he’s not inclined to enjoy many social situations, it’s become a part of his identity to act in a manner above reproach so as to maintain the respect of those around him. He always keeps a close watch over his outward appearance. Every detail of his carriage and expression has been 'fine-tuned' into what he wants it to be, and he doesn't let others harm this façade easily. He takes pride in this ability, but, being rather young, will often grow tired of it and revert to a listless or disinterested manner, sometimes becoming short if truly aggravated. He hates all forms of incompetence and foolishness.

Conclusively, Reiji Namikawa lives in a reality in which his own interest takes priority but he will never cross lines of obvious social or societal misconduct to attain what he desires.

Physical Description: Reiji wears his hair at shoulder length, parted at the center. He has a habit of brushing loose strands behind his ear. His hair and brows are black, and his eyes are a deep grey with long lashes. He has a high forehead and prominent chin, but his face is narrow and his mouth is wide by the barest margin. At age 15, his body is rather gangly but he has rigid posture and broad shoulders. He dresses in simple semi-formal attire, having chosen to adapt a style typical to the country he was moving to. His clothes are always in perfect condition. He sometimes wears his hair back in a low pony-tail.

 Height: 5’ 4”

 Weight: 119 lbs.

Backstory: Reiji was born the only child of an affluent, well-educated family. His father was an esteemed businessman working for the Yotsuba Group’s American branch, and as such, he was pleased to find that his son took an interest in his world at a young age. Kenichi Namikawa was very often absent from the rest of the family’s daily life, however, there were always chances for the rest of the family to travel, and they frequently managed it. Opportunities like this afforded Reiji a glimpse of several countries and the chance to gain a vast amount of worldly knowledge. He was quick to adapt mature mannerisms and was always a somber, mellow individual, taking pleasure in very little, outwardly.

He was enrolled in a series of prestigious private schools where he continuously outpaced his peers, spending his extra time engaging in a series of personal interest, particularly in the game of shogi. He wasn’t typically one of go out of his way to socialize, but maintained amicable relationships with several of his peers with similar family situations. By his early teens he had modified his behavior somewhat, attempting to seek out more opportunities in the social spectrum. He began to recognize the finer aspects that applied to building a reputation and preparing for the future, and once he began to set clearer goals for himself, he was able to exert more energy in things useful to get him there.

Based on his academic record, he received notice from Wammy’s House. The idea was amusing to Reiji, but he wasn’t drawn in immediately. Only after deliberation did he make the choice to attend.  

Position:Wammy's Letter/Wammy's Kid/Staff/Boarding Student/Other



Name: Elle

Age: 19

How to Contact:

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Application for Reiji Namikawa Empty Re: Application for Reiji Namikawa

Post by Eloritia on Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:55 am

Accepted, moving to accepted applications.

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