Application for Near (tw car accidents, alcohol/drunk driving and mild transphobia and of course death)

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Application for Near (tw car accidents, alcohol/drunk driving and mild transphobia and of course death)

Post by Near on Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:47 pm

Name: Natasha Nate River
Alias: Near
Age: 13
Birthday: August 24, 2002
Sexuality: Near is demi(homo)romantic and asexual, but he doesn't necessarily know the terms for it yet.
Personality: Near's quiet. He gets nervous in crowded situations, and does his best to avoid them at all costs. He would much rather sit alone playing a game or solving a puzzle than run around outside or sit and gossip with the other kids. Most people think he's antisocial, and to a certain extent he is. But really, he would be happy to be around people on a regular basis if he knew how to properly interact with them, and didn't tense up. But he does, and so he stays by himself mostly. He twirls his hair almost constantly as a way of stimming, although when he's nervous it often turns into just tugging on it. At his best, he's thoughtful, self-aware, cooperative, and impressively clever. At his worst, he can be anxious, cold, and close-minded. Theoretically, he'd like to go back to New York and leave the successor program behind, but he doesn't see it as a realistic option for himself. Even if other people tell him he could do other things with his life, he doesn't believe he's capable of anything other than detective work. He used to want to be a writer, back when his parents were still alive, but he's all but forgotten that now.
Physical Description:
Near has very pale skin, and shoulder length wavy white hair. His eyes are light brown. His face is rounded, making look even younger than he is. He looks like he's 11, maybe 12, maximum. Near's also small for his age, and he's just about stopped growing. As soon as he got to Wammy's, he got his hands on a pair of scissors and cut his hair. It took it a while, and another proper trim, to get it to look at least a little neat. He always wears all white- pajamas when he can get away with it, which is most of the time. Tight or stiff clothes make him incredibly uncomfortable. He's usually found sitting on the floor or in a chair with his legs tucked up. An accident when he was 11 left him injured and unable to stand or walk without holding onto something for the most part, which is why he sits almost all the time.
  Height: 4'11"
  Weight: 88 lbs
August 24, 2002: Born as Natasha River to Jane and Michael River in NYC

2009-may 2013: Attended a private school in the city. The other kids often picked on him (NB: he was identifying as a girl up until 5th grade) because of how tiny he was, and how quiet. He had a hard time making friends, and most of the friends he did make were older than him, so he never got to spend much time with them. He was placed in classes for 'gifted students', but that wasn't a good thing socially in his school. He always got top grades on all his schoolwork, but his parents thought he must be failing because they never saw him studying or doing work. In reality, he got all his work done at school, and the tests were so easy he didn't need to study for them. His parents were supportive, but they really didn't understand how smart "Natasha" was. He didn't even understand, really.

2013: It was during this school year that he started feeling like he wasn't the little girl his parents had raised. He asked his sole friend at the time, Isabel, to start calling him Nate instead of Natasha, and she laughed in his face. He kept his gender troubles to himself after that, and never mentioned it to his parents.

July 4th, 2013: The family was on their way to a party, when a drunk truck driver veered out of his lane and collided with their car head on. The crash was so forceful that it killed both of his parents instantly, as they were in the front seat. Everyone says that the only thing that saved his life was that he was in the backseat. However, he suffered major head wounds, as well as other injuries that make it hard for him to stand and walk without some support/holding onto something. After two weeks in the hospital, he was released, and sent to live with his aunt in Winchester, England.

July-September 2013: He lived with his Aunt, but neither of them liked the other, and she spent the entire time looking for another place for Near to stay. After some communication with Near's old teachers, and both the American and British authorities, it was decided that he would be staying at Wammy's House. He was there in time for classes to start in the fall.
Position: Wammy's Letter/Wammy's Kid/Staff/Boarding Student/Other
Other: The first thing he made very clear upon arrival at Wammy's was that he was a boy, not a girl. No one questioned it.

Name: Nat
Age: 17
How to Contact:[/u]

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Re: Application for Near (tw car accidents, alcohol/drunk driving and mild transphobia and of course death)

Post by Eloritia on Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:08 pm

Accepted, moving to Accepted Applications.

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