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Post by TeruMikami on Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:28 pm

Name: 魅上 照 (First name: Teru, Last name: Mikami)
Alias: N/A
Age: 16
Birthday: June 7th
Sex: male
Gender: male
Sexuality: panromantic asexual (self-identified: low-sexdrive heterosexual, due to unfamiliarity with other terms)

Personality: Teru is a serious and withdrawn boy. His world-view categorizes into binaries, the most important distinction being good/evil. From early childhood on, he's had a strong sense of morals and a desire to be as 'good' as possible while also ensuring people in his environment are 'good'. This translates into  protective instincts that are rather self-sacrificial in practice. Wherever he sees something he perceives as an injustice, Teru will fight back.
As this resulted in him becoming the victim of heavy bullying in the past, Teru has become rather jaded about social contacts. He does not believe anybody to be his ally and heavily judges all bystanders who don't dare to interfere with violence. Since the death of his mother, he's come to think there are a lot of people who may just be deserving of death. Thus, it is good to keep in mind that he's an extremist in the making.

Aside from his justice-focus, Teru is very intellectually inclined. Performing as best as he possibly can academically is a large priority in his life. He used to aim for his whole class to reach a status on top of Japan, so it's safe to assume he values being surrounded by people of similar intellect. He is immensely studious and much rather than taking part in leisure hobbies, he keeps on preparing for school.

Teru is a stoic and quiet boy. He hardly displays emotional reactions and has a distinct lack of a sense of humour. He internalizes and over-rationalizes his feelings rather than letting them out. He may well be perceived as socially awkward - much more so than his canon adult self would. He definitely  is disinclined towards opening up to anybody - his trust issues are very very dominant.

As a last noteworthy trait, Teru is obsessed with cleanliness and order. Externalizing his wish for a pure and non-chaotic world, he tries to keep his surroundings and own schedule completely under control. Seriously, this kid is on the best way to become a human clockwork.

Physical Description: A scrawny nerd.
Unlike his canon adult self, this Teru does (not yet) work out and is thus of a rather frail stature. He's slightly underweight and bears fading scars from bullying on his body. Puberty hasn't ended for him yet, so his features aren't as defined as his adult self's would be. His icon is still a pretty good representation of how he looks, though he's a little older than that in this version. Teru's hair is black and shoulder-length, his eyes are brown. He always wears black-rimmed glasses and his clothing style is rather formal. While he might wear casual jackets and such, he prefers to stick to dress shirts.
  Height: 175cm (still growing)
  Weight: ca. 56kg

Backstory: Teru Mikami was raised by a single mother in Kyoto, Japan. From early childhood on he displayed a strong sense of justice and studied his surroundings closely, developing a very distinguished set of morals. Motivated to make the most of everything, he tried hard in school and always was class rep in middle school, aiming to make his class the best of Japan. His keen attitude didn't sit well with a lot of people, but Teru proceeded to stand up against bullies and defend his sense of justice and ambition without relenting. Eventually, people came to be on his side.

Middle school wasn't as kind to him and Teru changed from someone who defended bullying victims into a bullying victim. He experienced violence in countless forms, tormented over years. His single mother eventually called him out on it, asking him to stop sticking to his moral codex and making himself an easy target - in his eyes, that was rejection. His mother did not seem righteous to him anymore, so he closed his heart off from her. They never reconciled, as soon after she died in an accident. The very same accident killed 4 of the bullies from Teru's class.
Observing that the class in general seemed happier after this incident, Teru decided that the deletion of bad people is a good thing.

Left without any immediate relatives, he went on to live with his estranged aunt and her husband to whom he did not share a close relationship. Just past his 16th birthday, he received an invitation to join Wammy's as a boarding student as his exceptional academic performance had been recognized. Teru, aspiring to receive the best possible education as well as not wishing to be a further financial burden on his relatives, accepted the offers and moved to England for the remaining years of high school.

Position: Wammy's Letter/Wammy's Kid/Staff/Boarding Student/Other
Other: His HTR13 stats finally made sense -  for a non-muscular teenage AU, wow.

Name: Luna
Age: 20
How to Contact: message @teruzuki on tumblr!

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Application for Teru Mikami Empty Re: Application for Teru Mikami

Post by Eloritia on Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:37 pm

HTR13 was made with it in mind.
Accepted, moving to the accepted applications.

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