Teru Mikami's (Lack of) Social Life

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Teru Mikami's (Lack of) Social Life Empty Teru Mikami's (Lack of) Social Life

Post by TeruMikami on Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:45 pm

Mother deceased Teru and her were not on good terms prior to her death. Teru rejects her entirely.
Father deceased Died before Teru's birth, no meaningful relationship thus.
Aunt & Uncle Estranged relatives. The aunt is his father's sister. Their side of the family never approved of the marriage to his mother so Teru was never in contact with them until he was orphaned. He lived with them very briefly before being sent off to Wammy's.

Reiji Namikawa Assigned roommate. They have yet to get to know each other.

More to be added as the RP develops.

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