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Post by Mail_Jeevas on Tue Aug 25, 2015 6:03 pm

Mail currently lives alone, though he's lonely and is struggling to find a roommate. His room is messy, with magazines, video games, and energy drinks covering his desk, floor, and bed. He has a stash of many different kinds of magazines stored under his bed-mainly gaming ones. A few fashion ones. Maybe one gossip magazine, though he's never cared for gossip and drama, so he hasn't even read it. Even if he got a room mate, he's a little frightened he'd scare them away with his messiness and would likely keep them up all night often. He doesn't clean very often, and that's very obvious. Though sometimes he does shove all his stuff under his bed and throw away cans-like for spring cleaning. There's nothing really to make his room smell bad though, luckily.

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Post by Mail_Jeevas on Fri Sep 04, 2015 5:13 pm

Common Room > hall (skipped) > bedroom
Matt finally flopped down onto his bed after locking the door. He really was tired. He sighed, and closed his eyes. He shouldn't be tired. But it was the same thing every damn day. He dug his hand into his vest, and took out his cigarette pack. Of course he could only get away with smoking if he was very careful. He'd change clothes after he was done smoking. He got up, and opened his blinds first, then his window. Pulling out his lighter, he lit the cancer stick, and took a drag. The smoke was blown out the window, into the fresh air.

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