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Beyond Birthday tw:minor mention of sh Empty Beyond Birthday tw:minor mention of sh

Post by Beyond on Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:01 pm

Name:Beyond Birthday
Alias:B, Backup, Bey, jokingly calls himself Bi
Age: 15
Birthday: 10/13
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Personality: Due to his shinigami eyes Beyond prefers places where there aren't many people around or where its really crowded, because it's harder to decipher the glowing above people's heads. He is slowly learning to ignore the numbers and names however.  Beyond is really weary of new people, but if that person shows kindness or friendliness forwards him he'll become really clingy and way to open with them. Clinginess comes from his monophobia, a fear of being left alone. But even with that he will try to avoid them because he also doesn't want to be worried over their life spawn, but that won't last long and he'll be trying to make friends once more. He has a slight fear of fire and dark, due to one of the orphanages he was placed in burning down at night.
Physical Description:
  Height:5'4", 162 cm
  Weight: 49 kg, 108 lb
Beyond is a bit short and small for his age, he is usually seen wearing oversized sweaters and shirts in dark colors. In summer and hot weather he switches to short-sleeved shirts in white and pastels. His hair is naturally white, soft and really curly, wears it a bit above his shoulders. However after moving into Wammy's where he was finally allowed some of his own money he dyes it black, which also makes his hair a bit less curly. Sometimes he still lets the dye wash and his hair grow out white, but doesn't keep it for longer than a week. Along with his naturally white hair, he is quite pale and has really obvious freckles centered on his nose. He hates both, his hair and his freckles. His eyes are warm brown with a slight tint of red if you look at them in the proper light. He was told that before he was 5 his eyes were bluish grey and have slowly changed to their current color during the next 5 years, finally settling on that brown once reached 5.
He has a burn scar on his right leg, stretching from his ankle to the middle of his tight.
Beyond is born in London, near King Edward VII Memorial Park, to a single mother who also had some serious alcohol problems. Once Beyond is born, she and her family blames him for her husband leaving her once he found out she was pregnant. Along with that stories of the "devil" she saw when she was pregnant don't really help to clear him in the eyes of his family. At the age of 5 he is dropped off in an alley way and told to wait there. He stays for a whole week before police find him.

He visits and stays in two different orphanages before a small mixup in the papers sends him off to a Russian orphanage. He is 8 and doesn't know a single word in Russian. He spends the next two years in there, learning the language and hiding in the empty rooms before finally being moved back to UK. By that time he has a pretty good grip on Russian language.

At 9 and a half he tries to stab out his eyes with a pencil after he lets the information about what he can see slip, and continued harassment for three straight weeks. He never quite understood how he knows so much about what he sees and how he knows that other people can't see it. He is found and taken to the hospital. To the surprise of the doctors he fully recovers within a week, medical mystery they say. He is moved to a new orphanage under his recovery.

Four days after his 10th birthday the orphanage he is living in at the time catches fire during the night. It spreads upwards from the parent-child meeting room and during the massive panic of just woken up kids Beyond is left alone in his room, hiding under the bed due to all the confusion and crying scaring him into hiding. To his luck one of the older girls in the orphanage notices him missing and raises the alarm, they manage to get him out only with a burn leg. He makes full recovery in a month.

At 11 Beyond is finally transported to Wammy's House. When he is given an opportunity to take on a new identity, B, and told that he has potential to become something great, he jumps on it without looking back. However he isn't too interested in solving crimes, more in studying them, criminal minds, anatomy, the whole concept of getting into people's brains to understand why. He follows the rules and studies how to solve them, spending free time in books. At 13 he picks up drawing and loves it to pieces, his favorite thing to draw are humans, no numbers, and his growing knowledge of anatomy comes in handy. Along with that he got some interest in makeup, painting on people is always more fun. 

Position: Wammy's Letter/Wammy's Kid/Staff/Boarding Student/Other
Other: Beyond's vision is tainted red due to the shinigami eyes.

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