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Name: Alisx Vaughn
Alias: A/Alternative/Alternate
Age: 16
Birthday: November 6th
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Personality: As far as bold goes, Alternative is incredibly not. He is instead, a very withdrawn person. He is shy, quiet, and visibly lonely. He is soft spoken and will hardly ever raise his voice unless backed into a corner. When he is confronted by someone threatening him, A's tongue is let loose and every single thought that comes to mind rushes out his mouth and often gets himself into trouble by doing so.
When it comes to stepping up to be the leader, A is the first to back down. A does not consider himself to be leader material and hates having the burden of guiding others in any fashion, even in something as simple as a class project. However, when it comes to younger children, he can't help but try to help them when asked to do so.
Though he is seen as selfish or stuck up by others, he is far from it. A does his very best to help those who are kind to him and even those who are not, which ultimately leads to his downfall in most situations. He is a fiercely loyal friend and never betrays secrecy between himself and another person. He would take a secret to his grave, even if that secret is from an enemy. A believes trust between two people is incredibly important to maintain.
A lacks self confidence and self esteem, and it is far easier to get a compliment from him about someone else, than to hear him say anything nice about himself. His frailty has left him easy to hurt, and words spoken harshly to him tend to stick with him for a long time. He is easily manipulated, and far too trusting. He is also slightly too forgiving, letting people have second chances much too easily. A is pessimistic most of the time but even in this mind set, he still looks for the silver lining and still desperately seeks out hope that tomorrow really will be better than today.
A's personality depends strongly on the situation and person/s he is with. He will not always be the soft boy with a quiet voice. Sometimes he will have to step out of his own timid shadow and lash out. This is most common with his enemies.
Physical Description: A is a slender boy and comes off as fragile and feminine most of the time and it wouldn't be wrong to call him so. Many of his bones are naturally visible and fully undressed, the most noticed are his collar and shoulder bones, but the real prize are his petite hips and elegant legs; Due to the fact he is a dancer, it wouldn't be odd to see them as he is stretching, practicing or performing.
His thick black hair collapses around his face and skims his shoulders. It doesn't grow very fast, though with its thickness, he does get it trimmed frequently.
His facial features are delicate and feminine, denying his age through and through. His eyes are a milky coffee'd brown and are set by thick lashes. His skin is a soft tone, a peaches-and-cream of sorts; warm and soft, but still quite light/pale.
He is unblemished down from head to toe, or at least he ensures it seems that way. Most days he is heavily bruised and cut from beatings. His arms are a mass of scars and wounds, fresh and old. He heavily applies make up to cover all of this, though often for his arms he has bandages on them, as his self inflicted wounds are a frequent.
A's small stature may not be the norm for most boys his age, but it suits him well. Not only does it aid him in being faster than opponents, but it makes it easy to be quiet enough to slip past most dangerous situations, and in general, it makes him happy. He's never had any qualms with his appearance, though on 'benders' when he is not sleeping or eating, he becomes quite critical of himself.
   Height: 5 feet
   Weight: 100lbs
Alisx Vaughn was born two months early, in the beginning of November to Lana and Paul Vaughn of Wales. The infant was kept in hospital for nearly three months before seeing his home for the first time.
Not that he got to stay there often anyways. He was constantly in the hospital, admitted for days, weeks, even months each time he had so much as a cold.
The bills quickly piled up and as the totals rose, so did the stress on the family. It wasn't long before his grandparents distanced themselves; no one in the family wanted to stay near and watch the child die, as it seemed likely he would any time he ended up hospitalized.
His parents became desperate and paranoid of everything, beginning to isolate their child from the world outside in effort to keep him safe and illness free. Alisx was slowly isolated from friends and soon after, he was removed from school, despite showing incredible intellect- even being allowed to skip ahead a grade in just the first year. Eventually his parents would not even allow him to go out in the backyard to play with the young boy next door Alisx had befriended.
Age Four:
After another bout of illness, Alisx was admitted yet again to the hospital, this time old enough for diagnosis to be given. He was diagnosed with Autoimmune disease, which gave no relief to his parents, but only more reason to be stressed and for his father, to be angry.
As stress rose, his parents began to crumble under the pressure. They began to be more open about their anger and frustration, often talking and arguing with one another in the same room as the boy instead of hushed voices like they'd done in the beginning. Lana blamed his father for his smoking around her when she was pregnant, while Paul claimed he wasn't his biological son, couldn't be because of how weak, dainty and feminine he was. Since Alisx was quite feminine, gentle and sweet, the opposite of what his father wanted it caused a rift between he and his father. The anger he often showed when Alisx could barely get himself out of bed was no longer hidden and the small child understood at a very young age that, though he did not say it, his father hated him.
Age Five to Seven:
Eventually anger became expressed physically instead of angry, hushed growls from his parents' bedrooms. His father began to hit him, irrationally hateful of the child's inability to get out of bed most days. He saw him as a failure of a son and due to his doubt of him being biologically his, it enraged him to be paying bills for him. Often times he told Alisx he was nothing more than an expensive pet. Alisx would end up bloodied and bruised at the end of every fit of anger his father would have and his mother did nothing to stop it besides tell Paul to quiet down so the neighbors wouldn't hear.
There were two close calls that the small child wished weren't just 'close'. Twice he ended up in the hospital with severe injuries. Once was a fractured rib, caused by him 'falling'. The second time was a broken arm. Authorities questioned his parents but no follow up was ever done.
Age Eight-Present
When Alisx was eight, despite his parents' caution, he caught a virus going around and ended up hospitalized for two months. He was in such a bad shape, the doctors worried he would not make it out of his room alive and held no hope for him to. They told his parents to begin preparing to say goodbye to their son because the child was so unlikely to recover from being so violently ill.
The virus nearly claimed his life, but somehow Alisx pulled through, surviving and recovering from it. Where there ought to be relief, there was only something akin to annoyance from his parents. He had lived. There were more bills to come because of this round of illness and whatever more there were to come.
Alisx was abandoned two weeks after he was discharged from the hospital on the side of the road with not one thing to his name besides the clothes on his tiny back. From there he was put into the hands of the state and placed in an orphanage run by one Quillsh Watari. He remained there, receiving top education for a boy his age until he was nine, almost ten years old, when Watari himself requested that he ( or rather, chose for him to )  go to his school in Winchester, England; A school for Gifted Children.
When he first arrived there, he was finally tested, by the medical staff of the school and it was then that he was properly diagnosed with Hemophilia and High Intracranial Pressure. Along with the Autoimmune disease, Alisx had 3 medical conditions. He was then cleared for any other conditions or diseases and was fully enrolled into the program.
Alisx was given the alias A and later adopted Alternative/Alternate as well. In his new home, he was given an even higher education and found himself faced with plenty more options other than 'hope for someone to adopt you'. Opportunities were abundant there and Alisx committed himself to as much as he could handle at one time.
He become engrossed in mapping the skies, drawing out the location of each star and where it was as different nights went by. He invested most of his time in studying psychology and criminology but in the free time he has between his main courses, A dances. Ballet, lyrical, he even learnt ballroom despite not having a partner. After being sick for most of his life, being at the mercy of a weak body, A held a fiery passion for dance. To be able to use his body for once, to move it and feel in control and graceful and good at something for once had him on top of the world.
Although currently he has himself enrolled and busy with many more classes and has less time for dance, A still tries to find the time, even if it means in the shower or being awkwardly caught by his room mate/another student.

Position:Wammy's Letter/Wammy's Kid/Staff/Boarding Student/Other
Other: A does know self defense but hates fighting, so he opts not to fight others, at least not physically. He'd rather mentally destroy someone.

Name: Matthew/Matty
Age: 21
How to Contact:

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