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Post by Eloritia on Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:41 pm

The main idea of the topic is to allow people to play out interactions which they can't do in the main time line of the forum.
The rules are the same as for the whole forum. However here you can leave off a memory your character has.
This topic is mainly for flashbacks-events from the past which are important for the present, however you can also play out an event which would've happened recently(in forum's timeline) but you didn't have a chance to fully play it out.
You can also come here to write out a memory for your character which could serve as explanation for their actions in the present.

Creating a Flashback
When creating the flashback topic follow this form:
[b]Time and Place:[/b]
[b]Goal of the flashback:[/b]optional

Once the flashback is over and your thread is done fill out this form to get your topic moved to archive.
You can also bring back one of your flashbacks.
[b]Link:[/b][url=link to your topic]Name[/url]
[b]What do to?[/b]

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