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Post by Eloritia on Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:40 am

1.1 Each member can register only one characters (exceptions to that is if your character dies and does not come back as a paranormal entity, or if staff gave you permission to register another one)
1.2 Your username must be your character’s name or alias. If your username name is your character alias, the profile field “Real Name” should be your character full name.
1.3 Username name must start with a capital letter and not contain different characters like starts, numbers, etc.
1.4 Please correct your application if the staff asks you to. Along with that make sure that your application has proper grammar.
1.5 If the application is not filled out, or corrected, after 5 days it is moved to the archive.
1.6 Start of the game, creation of relationship topic, and room, is not allowed before the application is approved.
1.7 The only people who can check and approve the application are the staff and members who were allowed to do so. Anyone else who comments in someone else’s application will have their comment removed and will get a warning.
1.8 In the relationship topics, you are not allowed the use of bright, neon colors, or colors which would interfere with the reading. Also you can not bold/italicize/underline the whole text. You can use the methods to make certain categories stand out however.

2.1 Avatar must correspond to your character's looks
2.2 It’s preferred if you put links or credit for your picture in the signature. Like: Image by “artist”,
2.3 A picture must not have nudity, or erotica on it.
2.4Staff can delete the picture without warning if it does not correspond to the rules.

3.1 Decorations of your signatures are up to you.
   3.1.1 However you have to have links to your relationship topic, your application, and your room, somewhere in there.
3.2 However do not make your signature images way too big, bright, nude(erotica), or flashing graphics. Also do not use bright, neon, eye hurting colors.
3.3 Image must be under 150 in height, 400 in length, credit is required unless its a photograph, but still its a nice thing to credit that too if possible.
3.4 Any advertisement in the signature is forbidden.

Game Rules
4.1 All posts must be at least 4 full lines, check your grammar. (exception:starting out players, min 3 lines with good grammar)
4.2 Thoughts are indicated by italics.
4.3 Speech is indicated by bold and “". You can add some italics to the bold to emphasize a part. You can copy down the other persons speech and underline it, however that does not go into your 4 lines count.
4.5 Do not color your text in the game forums.
4.6 Do not use images in your text in game forums (exception: first post with place description)
4.7 Any triggering content must have tw: what the triggers are in the beginning of the post.
4.8 Any serious injuries(bone breaking, deep cuts, eye injuries, etc), and death must be discussed before hand with the mun of the other character. Any death or exchange(giving your character to someone else) of your character must be reported to the staff beforehand.
4.9 Your character can not be in two or more places at once. Nor can they teleport(speaking of like from the coffee shop in the city to their room), you have to make at least one transition post. You can sometimes skip places like halls and streets in your transition.
4.10 indicate transitions as: place where you came from>>>current locations  in the beginning of the post or current location>>>location you are going to at the end. It’s also nice to link the locations but not required Example: Dinning Hall>>>Front Yard Post Front Yard>>>Streets
4.11 Please don’t hold back the game. It's understandable everyone has real life things. However if you know you won’t be on for some time please tell us and leave the location to somewhere where the game doesn’t happen at that moment. If your partner is not replying for two days but goes on the forum you can nudge them, if it happens a lot tell the staff and we’ll figure out whats going on.
4.12 Leaving the forum for a long, or uncertain time, don’t forget to finish up your current interaction and write off in the topic “Absence/Leaving”. Your character will be sent off to a “study trip”
4.13 if someone else is rping from your computer or network, it has to be reporting to the staff so your account won’t get banned for no reason.
4.14 If there are more three or more people in the location they are writing out the posts in the order put up by the players or the staff.
4.15 You can write posts from 3rd or first person view. Second is not allowed because it gets too confusing.

Rules of Behaving on the Forum
These things will end you in a ban for uncertain time.
5.1 Any ooc inciting of violence forwards any groups
5.2 Any ooc harassmen
t5.3 Spam
5.4 Advertisements in forums or PM or any other way.
5.5 Porn. Just don’t.
5.6 Any inciting or encouragement of conflict between members.

Staff-Member Communication
6.1 Ask for help. Please don’t bother every five minutes if your reply didn’t come however, be patient.
6.2 Report another member for harassment, rule breaking.
6.3 Defend your opinion with actual legitimate arguments.
6.4 Point out staff’s mistake if you were wrongly warned, banned, accused.
6.5 Report a staff member to the admin if the staff member was in the wrong.
6.6 Tell the staff about advertisement in PM
Not Allowed:
6.7 Criticizing the staff’s actions publicly. You are more than welcome to point out mistake in PM to us, that issue will be solved.
6.8 Continue the topic which was stopped by a staff member, or creation of similar one.
6.9 Annoy the staff.

Profile Customization
This is for user's convenience . All of the personal info should be for your character since it will display under the mini profile on hover.
Username : Has to be your character's name or Alias
Alias/Real Name: you chose one based on what you used as your username. Like if you used real name for alias, you fill in alias, if you used alias you fill in real name.
Age: as a number
Birthday:Day/Month/ Year is optional
Your signature should have links to your relationship topic and application.

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