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Post by Eloritia on Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:11 am

Just a little help for anyone new to this form of rping
1. First you'd want to read up on the rules, the world, and other important topics(located mainly in Information and Materials) This will allow you to correctly fill out the application and get some information about the world.
2.Fill you fill out your application create a new topic in this forum. Please remember that the application will be checked only if it's filled out to the form.
3. Wait for your application to be accepted.
4. After your application is accepted you can notify us of your character here, create your relationship topic here, and find yourself a roomie, if you want to be with one.
5. Most of the Wammy's Kids or students arrive by the bus. However right now at the start of the game you are welcome to start anywhere. (this point will probably be edited as the roleplay grows)

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