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Post by Eloritia on Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:06 am

The main idea for the rp was taken from Death Note universe. However this universe's main focus point is Wammy's House during our times.
The shinigami, shinigami eyes, death note, are still a thing. Things that are not things Kira case, LABB.
Most of the orphans taken in are still taken in as successors to L, or are taken in due to their extreme talent in different areas. Not everyone is in the list of successors, some are trained to become doctors, or scientists, or artists, etc.
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Wammy's is located at the edge of Winchester, England, on the River Itchen. The primary focus of the house is to find successors to L, however no one is pressured to even join the ranks, students can work independently from the successor program to become doctors, scientists, artists, engineers, etc. The main function of the house is an orphanage, however it takes in only those children to exhibit talent in a certain area. Along with that it is also an elite boarding school where you can get in by invitation, any requests to get in have a high chance of being rejected.
Student's and orphan's are allowed to hold jobs if they feel like it, but have to do so in their free time.
Time is determined by the staff. We are leaving out the Day, etc, because that would be hard to keep track off and switch at appropriate  time. The age's of the characters get + one year once the month that their birthday is in has passed. You can rp the birthday in the Flashback section if you wish. Weather just lasts...a long long time.
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